Stay Safe When Buying From Dealers
Stay Safe When Buying From Dealers

Stay Safe When Buying From Dealers

October 25, 2021

At Tractor Dealer our main focus is ensuring we connect buyers with trusted and reputable sellers. As more and more farm equipment is traded online, we have looked into several ways you can protect yourself from scams and unscrupulous implement dealers.

Research The Seller

So you have found the perfect deal online, but how do you ensure you are buying from a reputable dealer? Research, research and research.

  1. Firstly determine if your dealer has a physical address. Use tools such as Google Maps to check if the dealership location actually exists.
  2. Visit the companies website and check on their details. Tools such as Icann(for .com) and Whois – ZACR (for za domains) can help you determine the owner of a domain and how long it has been setup.
  3. Check other client reviews on their Facebook pages as well as complaints on platforms such as Hellopeter.

Research The Equipment

  1. Where possible arrange for a viewing prior to purchasing or send a trusted person to view the equipment.
  2. Check the Registration documents. Most tractors will always have full registration documentation. Ensure the fonts on the registration documents is uniform, same size and hasn’t been altered.
  3. Ask for a service history or a technical report. Most tractor manufacturers keep a track record of their service history which is available from their dealerships. Where possible request a recent technical inspection. Most dealers such as John Deere, New Holland and Senwes offer such reports on used farming equipment.

If its too good to be true it probably isn’t


  1. Avoid deposit payments before you have completed the above. Most scammers will try to convince you to pay a deposit prior to viewing the equipment and will attempt to tell you another buyer has made an offer or the implement requires a deposit to hold it before its auctioned.
  2. Electronic payments are always best as these can be traced. Never release an implement until you have received the payment into your account. Beware of cheque payments where money seemingly seems to have been deposited only to be refunded later.
  3. Ensure you undertsand the terms of the sale and find out the cost of transporting your equipment and all relevant taxes and duties involved.

Purchasing farming equipment or heavy equipment is a huge decision. Ensure you use our compare feature to get the best deal. Tractor Dealer will always ensure we market only verified and accredited dealers. Each of our dealers do business in line with the highest standards of customer service and should you have any issues, please contact us and Tractor Dealer will investigate and deal decisively with and wrondoing.

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