Implement Marketing Guide
Implement Marketing Guide

Implement Marketing Guide

October 16, 2021

The last 5 years have seen a steady growth of new implement dealers as well as the growth of existing businesses. As your competitors grow you might wonder what the best way to market your products is and how best to grow your brand.


Facebook/Whatsapp Groups

For many dealers it seems utilizing Facebook groups as well as Whatsapp groups has become a norm. However this comes with its disadvantages:

  • Once your ad is posted you quickly move down as more ads are added after yours.
  • Buyers and clients are unable to filter through these channels for a specific search item.
  • Buyers need to be part of the group to see your marketing.

How To Setup Your Digital Marketing

What many dealers and sellers understand is that digital marketing is the way to grow. However many dealers fail to setup their digital marketing strategy correctly.


Whilst digital marketing opens up your business to the world, its also become a dangerous place and most buyers will research more on your product as well as your business. If you don’t have any web presence any marketing is almost worthless.

Step 1: Setting up your website. 

Your website is the face of your business and more so after the covid pandemic. And it all starts with getting a good domain name as well as good hosting. Remember its always best to invest in a top-level domain i.e .com, .net or a country level domain like Also setting up a website without focusing on SEO is useless no matter how good or functional your site. Without proper Search engine optimization clients searching for your products will never find your website. Paid advertising will help your website rank higher but Search Engine Optimization is a long term investment that will reduce your need for paid advertising.


(For customized web development and search engine optimization contact our marketing team at [email protected])


Step 2: Go Social

Social media platforms such as Facebook are the best places to grow your brand and market your implements to followers. Ensure your branding stands out to your potential clients. Many people believe in having a huge following, but as a dealer your focus should be on quality rather than quantity. 200 potential buyers are better than 50000 followers who arent interested in your product. Spend time finding out your clients demographics and online activity and adjust your content to match their needs.


Step 3: Alternative Channels
Load your company profile and products on websites such as Tractor Dealer and harness the power of their reach. Using a proffessional listing website helps you sell more and get your products seen by a larger market at a fraction of the cost you would spend on paid advertising.

Also as much as the “print is dead” argument might be spread, print media remains one of the strongest marketing tools to reach your clients in the implement industry.

Get The Pro’s On Board

Selling your products and running your business should be your main concern. Talk to Tractor Dealers and get a customized quote and monthly marketing package designed to meet your needs. Email [email protected]

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